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we are glad that you are interesting in our products. So, Let's answer few of your TAX related questions. Basically, does not own any factory . what we do is , we source product from different suppliers, manufacturer, traders located in different part of the globe. Checkout below question to clear your doubt.

Do I have to pay tax?

"Do I have to pay tax on orders I buy at"

  • well "YES"!, It depends on the specific country that is receiving the shipped goods. Tax is a very complex issue, and varies from one country to another. Some countries are easy to import goods into, and have few restrictions and no taxes. Other countries are incredibly restrictive and have high import taxes. Before you start to import larger quantities of goods to your country, you will need to research what the law and import practices are in your country.

If I need to pay the tax, how much will it be in general?

Frankly, the following factors may influence the tax.

1. The value of the goods. If you purchase a large quantity of the goods, it may generate higher tax charge than the small quantity of goods.

2. The package contents. Some categories are considered as dangerous goods, hence some of the goods are forbidden by the importing law in certain countries. For some other countries, tax will be higher if the goods belongs to special categories.

Can send the order as gift or do the under declaration?

In some cases we do! But due to the strict regulation, we are unable to declare the goods as gift or under-declaring otherwise the fine will be generated. Hence all packages send from will be declared according to their actual value.


Many countries charge two kinds of tax when you import from overseas: sales tax (VAT) and import duty. Generally, these two taxes are not very high and the payable amount of tax is based on the value of the goods (and occasionally the shipping).

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